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Healing time

It’s a beautiful, blue-sky day in Eastern Washington. Part of me wants to hit the road and go somewhere fun. Today, however, my beautiful Bella is recovering from surgery. It was time to get her spayed and add on a prophylactic gastropaxy (a procedure in a which her stomach is attached the chest cavity to […]


Two photowalks, one week

November?!?!? November was the last time I wrote about an adventure? Shame. What’s worse is how much time I have on my hands these days. In late January, Bella and I packed up a U-Haul and moved to Spokane, Wash., to join Our American in our Happily Ever After. And I’m not allowed to work. […]

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Do you see enough?

I try to take a 360-degree approach when I’m out exploring and taking pictures. I take some shots of what I see, then turn and turn and turn, making sure I don’t miss anything. Some places draw me back for more. Dorothy, the Atlas Mine and Rawley are my Alberta favourites. I’m keeping a mental […]


Autumn in the Okanogan

This is my favourite time of year for shooting. I’m always excited by the bright reds, yellows and oranges against a brilliant blue sky. Since I moved back to B.C. temporarily, I’ve passed by this lake countless times, en route to Spokane or Omak to visit My American. We spent last weekend in Omak with […]


C2H: Our first hike

“Are you going to start hiking again,” someone asked when she learned of Bella’s addition to the family. When Shep’s old age started to creep up on us, our hikes in the Rocky Mountains became short strolls in the lowlands. We couldn’t do extended days to the Ink Lakes anymore. We had to stick to […]


It’s a girl

Yes, it was a quick decision. Maybe too quick. I’m still not sure. Here’s what I am sure of: My heart remains shattered I cry every day … several times I still look for his goofy grin and listen for the click-click-click of his toenails across the laminate floor I tell My American I’m fine […]


A farewell to my best friend

I dreamed of a covered wooden bridge this weekend. Shep was on the other side with his big goofy smile and his tail wagging. He stood in front of mountains, blooming with alpine flowers. Neither one of us could cross the bridge for one last hug. But he let me know he was happy, healthy […]

A nice entry

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The patience to go long

I’ve never had a good tripod. Our American has one he never uses. So you know what I did. That’s right, I heisted it. I’ve freehanded waterfalls but never quite got the practice I need to get long exposure right. Sunset skies always had a bit of shake to them. With sturdy tripod and remote […]