Escape to the ocean

rockaway beach oregon

I have chronic insomnia.

It’s been going on for more than 20 years. As a newspaper reporter, I stared at the ceiling instead of sleeping, worrying about typos or misspellings in my copy … knowing that our readers — especially the ones I called my friends — wouldn’t miss the opportunity to jump down my throat about any errors.

It continues to this day, my mind never wanting to shut off, always thinking about something, anything.

Unless I am near water.

Maybe it’s because I’m an Atlantic Ocean baby, spending so many years of my childhood on Mahoney’s Beach or Malignant Cove with my family.

The waves soothe me.

Rockaway lullaby

“I’m not sure which one of you hit the pillow and started snoring right away but WOW,” my friend said Saturday morning.

My American pointed at me and said, “Yeah, that was her.”

We — the hubby and our couple friends — packed up the dogs and the trucks and went west in search of a peaceful weekend in Rockaway Beach, Ore.

I found it.

It was the most relaxing sleep I’ve had in a long time.

We threw open the windows in our little Airbnb house, The Lily Pad, and listened to the Pacific Ocean roar against the shoreline.

I felt every ounce of tension rush from my body.

Even better, I could see the same thing happen in My American … and our friends.

Even the dogs had an amazing time.

dogs oregon beach

To the beach

There isn’t much to do in Rockaway Beach in October — but it’s a great time to go and avoid the rushes of summer tourists.

See the Twin Rocks.

twin rocks oregon

Hang out on the beach and drink beer.

rockaway beach oregon

Watch the sun go down over the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon sunset

But, hey, you know what? Not every trip has to be a great exploration.

Sometimes, it’s important to just chill.

Enjoy great company.

Get sand in your toes.

And sleep.

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  1. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    I worked at a newspaper too so I can related to staring at the ceiling thinking, “Oh God, did I get that right? Who’s going to notice?” Stressful!

    Love the pic of the pups in the sand.


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