Bella Maremma sheepdog

This is Bella.

When she came into our lives — a mere nine days after Shep died — My American and I were lost souls. We couldn’t believe our boy was gone.

We knew we had too much love to keep it to ourselves.

Bella comes from ShaDo Farms in Arlington, Wash. She was born in a litter of 14, to Nicco and Maddie.

She is a fifth-generation pedigree Maremma sheepdog.

My American and I knew we wanted another Maremma. Like Doug and Sharon Sharp have learned in breeding Maremmas to guard their ducks and Icelandic sheep, we know the Maremma is a protective but affectionate dog. Many breeders don’t recommend the Maremma sheepdog as a companion dog. In fact, some breeders will sell puppies only to farmers and ranchers who need the dogs to work as livestock guardians.

The Maremma is attentive and trustworthy yet independent and, at times, defiant.

We’ve felt our love for Bella grow as she assumes her breed traits, her own personality and her duties as the Our Great Escape co-pilot.

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