tree with steptoe butte in background

The Tree

palouse barn fairfield

Loose on the Palouse

One scene, two visions

angela bella

It’s a boy!

This has been a long time coming, right? It feels like forever since I broke the news that we’d sent the Great Escape off to retire with her new, and probably final, owner. Some days, I miss the little rattle in the front end when I hit that rough section of the I-90 (you know the […]

spokane sunset

A long, tough goodbye

I don’t normally become attached to “things.” Things are disposable. They’re replaceable. They don’t hold your memories; your heart, your head and your blog preserve those special moments. For a long time then, “things” were easy to toss out. Until recently.

Slusser Road Douglas County

Back to schools

Nothing lasted very long in Lamoine … or Arup. Unless you want to talk about the schoolhouse. It’s still standing after 100 years. Long after Arup was platted. Long after Arup became Lamoine. And long after Lamoine became deserted when the railroad took a pass on the little town. Lamoine was an “excellent trading point […]