In loving memory

Shep the Maremma sheepdog lived 12 full years.

We were together for 10 years and change, meeting each other for the first time on May 23, 2004. He was two, a gangly teenager and, on our first night together, he puked while I slept.

It was nerves.

As we both grew up, we grew together.

I traded in my sports car and bought an SUV that let us go to places I never dreamed of seeing.

We hiked the Rockies, camped in Idaho, dipped our toes in glacier lakes and ate the dust of many a back road in search of nature’s beauty, ghost towns and abandoned barns.

And we developed a love for each other I have never known with a human.

Shep the Maremma sheepdog

Best friends forever

He started to show his age after a hiking accident. He developed arthritis and then took a bad turn in August 2014. On the 20th, two days after my 43rd birthday, I had to put my boy to sleep.

It was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

Shep will be missed. Every day.

Our travels inspired this website. He inspired Our Great Escape’s logo, an awesome piece of art by Nate of I’ve since added a pink bow to designate the Bella era, though.

Please go into the archives and enjoy the pictures and stories of my beautiful boy.

Long may he run.