Fading away in Scollard, Alberta

The cattle are lowing in the distance.

There’s not much more activity along Scollard Road, aside from the city girl poking around the neighbourhood.

Flanked by two small and very much lived-in houses, the Scollard United Church stands as a testament to another time.

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Ne’shau, Leonard Nimoy

Dif-tor heh smusma.

I was one of several hundred today who learned how to say ‘live long and prosper’ in the language of Vulcan.

It may have been more fitting to teach us ‘ne’shau’ or ‘welcome.’

The folks of Vulcan, Alta., welcomed Leonard Nimoy to their town, plastering signs of ‘welcome home’ hither and yon. Even the Vulcan Funeral Home played along, their windows emblazoned with pictures of Spock and welcome signs.

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Family forever … in Retlaw

We land in Retlaw on a day the streets are bustling with life.

About 20 cars are parked outside the Retlaw Hall, a community meeting place on the main drag.

It’s Easter weekend and the Culver family converges here, just as it does two or three times a year. They’re scattered — 11 children and 22 grandchildren — through southern Alberta, from Calgary to Taber to Lethbridge.

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Go for the ice cream, stay for the pie

Whether rebuilt or original facades, one only has to let her mind drift to a simpler, dustier day.

Horses may have been tied to that post or drank from that barrel.

The swish in the gravel may  have been caused by a hoop skirt, a gal’s delicate parasol victimized by the wind.

The plumes may have risen from the wafting of cigar smoke as that fellow twirled his freshly waxed mustache.

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History lessons in Millarville

Silence is golden

Humbled by greatness

Wandering around Bridgeland

Finding my Zen