A gem in the middle of nowhere

It’s been all over my Facebook and RSS feeds.

Some people tag or DM me and say, “You’d be perfect for this.”

I smile and think, “Been there, done that.”

Associated Press picked up a recent story from The Missoulian, detailing the droves of volunteers who signed up for the opportunity to spend a month at the ghost town of Garnet, MT.

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Where’s Waldo?

There’s a town at the bottom of that lake.

It isn’t the first thought to occur to me as I cast my eyes across Lake Koocanusa.

My love affair with the area started three years ago when a friend invited Shep and me for a weekend at her family’s leased RV property right on the lake. When we go, we zip around in the boat, spin off on the Seadoo or relax in chairs, sipping vodka coolers, as we watch the day go by.

Before I leave Calgary destined for a July long weekend in British Columbia, I do my research. And I learn what lies beneath those waters.

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